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Growth in Social Media Marketing interest 2009

I have just been researching social media marketing for a client presentation, and wanted to share some figures gleaned from Google Insights for Search which really highlight the growth in interest in social media marketing over the last few years.

Since 2007 searches for “social media marketing” have increased by 900%. Even from early 2008, searches have tripled.

Searches for "social media marketing" 2007 - 2009

These are huge increases, and really show the level of interest there is out there in and around social media marketing strategy.

Looking at the growth drivers from a geographical perspective shows the key early adopters were the US and UK alongside a cluster of other developed economies.

Worldwide searches for "social media marketing" 2007

Significantly, India is the only BRIC country represented back in early 2007.

Moving to 2009, we can see the remainder of BRIC coming on board alongside other core developed economies in Japan and Sweden amongst others.

Worldwide searches for "social media marketing" 2009

There is also a marked increase in interest around social media marketing from India, which demands further investigation.

Digging deeper, the majority of growth is driven by Delhi and India’s richest state Maharashtra, specifically Mumbai.

Searches in India for "social media marketing"

The social media marketing scene in India is clearly heating up, with digital advertising agencies, PR practitioners, and prominent bloggers offering a range of social media services. According to reports there are up to 25-30 serious social media players operating in the Indian market, and working across popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It would be interesting to hear your views on why it is that India is adopting social media, and social media marketing, so quickly.

My thoughts are that in a world in which the internet is primarily a mobile medium, the services that matter are social ones. Mobile internet access is primarily about social networking, something true both in India and elsewhere. So in India, in effect, the marketing is going where the people are.

Would recommend following Watblog or Blogworks India for more insight on social media marketing in India.


Google results on Twitter

During the past few weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about whether Twitter’s “real time search” could pose a threat to Google.

While I am not sure if Twitter poses a direct threat to Google yet, it is clear that real-time search is becoming increasingly important.

Google will be surely be forced, at some point down the line, to throw Twitter into the mix alongside other social media search if it wants to remain relevant. In fact with the introduction of SearchWiki, Google are already feeding back some individual social search recommendations into the overall search algorithm.

For those who want this real-time search functionality now, there is a new Firefox app that enables Twitter search results on Google. It displays the most recent 5 tweets for the query that you search for, giving both real-time Twitter and Google results on the same page:

Having used this for a day or so, it adds an extra layer of functionality to the Google results page.

Not only do you get web pages that have been indexed by Google, but also relevant twitter conversations that are happening right now.

And possibly a view of Google in a few months or years time?